Welcome to Coco Bee's Patron Space

Hello Friends,

Welcome very warm welcome to all new Patrons. First an expression of gratitude:

Thank you for believing in my work.

Thank you for giving me breathing space to create more work.

Thank you for enabling me to keep youtube free for all those that can not afford access otherwise.

Thank you for nurturing our faith in art to be a creative, free, and healing space.

Thank you for inviting me into your artistic space.

Thank you for inviting me to walk along side you in your journey.

Each weekly posts begins with you. Step-by-step tutorials of watercolor topics submitted by YOU. Topics of your choosing most relevant for your creative and healing process, requested by YOU.

You are very central to this space. Please feel at home to give feedback, ask question, suggest and share ideas.

My heart goes out to you.

I can not wait to continue our walks togethers.

Much Love,

Coco Bee