art supplies 

*not sponsored, just what I happen upon to use/ my thoughts  :) 

I'm a beginner, what should I buy?

I get asked this question a lot. Based on a budget and not sacrificing quality too much, this is what I would start beginners with. If you do have extra money to spend, I would say the best return of investment is to spend it on quality paper. Paper truly makes the biggest difference of what you can or can not do. 


Brushes - start with round tip, they are the generalist and easily most diverse to use

Paints - I would recommend pans over tubes, simply because you don't have to buy an extra palette or figure out how to set things up.  The colour range (all essentials plus metallics), quality (vibrancy and saturation), the the full pan size (more room to pick up paint) make the Gansai Tambi a winner for me.

Paper - cold press is the way I would go here. I would advise 300gsm/ 140lbs at 25% cotton to be a good place to start. I find 90lb paper to bit to thin to do too many layers of watercolors. (What do all these terms and numbers even mean? :o  Video answer for you :)

Other things you will need:

  • two cups of water ( glass over plastic so you don't tip it over when you're swishing the brush around)

  • tissue paper

  • one spray mist bottle

What art supplies do you use? 

Brushes, Markers & Pens