frequently asked questions


1. What art supplies does you use/ where can I buy them? 

Here's a list of supplies I commonly use in my videos :)


2. Do you plan before you paint or are you more experimental?

For abstract work, I typically ask myself which colours I want to use today and which brush I like to paint with. I then find a song that I feel best represent my present mood and soak it in for a few minutes before painting. Abstract painting for me is all about the process, the experience of the present moment, and the exploration of possibilities.

If the piece is semi-abstract or commissioned work, I do like to plan something in my mind beforehand. I try not to envision too tightly what I want the results to be like, as I find it a bit restricting for watercolours. I may, for example, visualize the eye to be midway through the page, warm colours, but exactly how the feather will play out, I let the painting process guide me. More detailed work I may try on a separate page before integrating into the main piece.

3. What is your source of inspiration? 

It could be anything really, as there is beauty in everything as long as we have the patience to look. I find it easiest to be inspired by new music, the colours that dance in the sky particularly during sunrise and sunset, the wind in the leaves, a delicious piece of cake with ice-cream hahahah.


4. How did you find your style?

This is probably the easiest and hardest question to answer. I developed my style by knowing who I am. Accepting and appreciating the things I like, the medium and colours I naturally gravitate towards and the way I paint. Just by allowing myself to be completely me. There's a space and brilliance in accepting yourself as you already are. This honesty, the "you do you boo" is the core of my work. It sounds very philosophical but that realization was the 'ah-ha' moment that started me on my path. Of course, I am constantly learning and growing. Know who you are, create for yourself, in a medium that best expresses your ideas and I think you're well on your way to finding your style.


5. Can you paint/ do a tutorial on.....?

Of course! Let me know your ideas! I love experimenting, learning, and most of all being able to share my journey with you. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you would like to know. I love having the chance to connect with you :)